Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Doll of The Day- Moon

Recently arrived my new doll Moon. She is Impldoll  Young doll 46cm. She arrived yesterday and I went to work on her. When I got her she was a boring plain doll no eyes no makeup. I did her face up and pierced her ears. About 4 hours total out into her. She is all ready for new years and all lovely Moon will bring us into the New Year! Happy 2014 to everyone.

These following pictures on the side show the steps of painting her. I tried to take more pictures but while working on on a project i don't think STOP take a picture.

One by one I put the layers on of the make up. Starting with the the brown layer then it goes to black. Placing a fine line in the mouth and then painting the lips.

From there I do the finer details. They eyelashes, ear details, eyebrows, and nose.

 The picture to the left is shows you the difference Eyelashes make on the doll. Also you can see I have placed the blush on her face.

For the eyebrows I painted a brown layer of brown down followed by a layer of yellow. For the finishing touches I place a thin layer of of bronze to go with the brown hair and shine.

Next came the horns they were white when I got them the same as her skin colour. With them I painted a light pink first. I took a watercolour with a darker pink and painted in details.

Once they were dry I took a layer of gold paint and lightly painted over. waited for them to dry completely so I could put on the final touch of varnish. The varnish protects, seals, and adds a glossy touch.


After all that work here we are with the final product. you will notice in this picture her ears are pierced. I took a 1/18th drill bit and placed holes in them. Sorry I do not have a picture of that.

Also notice the grooves in her head that were in the first pictures are not seen. That is because that is wear the horns go, they don't fit in perfect but it's guidlines.  

I didn't make the dress I had it made for me. sorry so no details about that.

 Here she is without her horns. If you didn't want the horns on her the wig easily covers up the grooves.

She is for sale all seen in the picture is included. I have her listing posted on a few sites like DoA and Facebook.

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