Saturday, December 7, 2013

Doll of The Day - Kio

         Kio was the first Neko I made he came before The Pink Kitty not by much. He was also the first home made with I made. He is only 21cm tall a little small to be a 1/6 Scale. His face my not have much detail on it but it's the rest of him that I put all the work into.
Stock Images Provided by Obitsu

        I had seen on the Obitsu site the Neko ears and they were always out of stock finally when they came into stock I bought a bunch of them. There stock photo shows they are unpainted and yellow, not true when you get them unpainted they are white. Which at first I was a bit disappointed at first but it was no big deal just meant I had to paint them. Now Obitsu does have a Neko head you are supposed to buy to go with the ears. I didn't I bought a regular head.  I took my small scissors and cut into his small head to make holes. Then I looked at the head and thought what am I to do about hair? I had gotten some curly doll hair and looked on YouTube under making doll wigs. That's how I learnt to make a wig cap.
       Here is a link to the tutorial I used. I find wood glue works the best. From there I took hair I had in a bag that was really curly and the I took a curl or two and cut them off and glued the loose ends. let them dry (important: use the same glue as on the wig cap) once a bunch of them were dry I clipped the ends with the glue to make them Straight and pretty. From there I glued them on onto the wig cap. Finally after almost a day of hard work the wig is done. Now that is want I do with most wigs his I also cut holes into the hard wig cap and glued the hair on around It. 
The final part was making his clothes. They are all hand sewn homemade patterns. So that is the story of Kio and how how came to be. His doll Birthday is October 4th 2012. He is for sale for $90 He is a really cute doll and fits in your pocket.


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