Sunday, December 1, 2013

Doll of The Day Calista Starlight

 Calista Starlight
Calista is not the official second doll but she is close to it. She is again a 1/6 Scale Obitsu. She has large breasts.  Below are what she looked like when I ordered her, they are Obitsu stock images. I didn't want to paint Anime eyes on her so I tried to do something different. She was named after another OC of mine Who is the Greek Goddess of Starlight. Her Tattoo says Calista Statlight in greek, the entire size of the Tattoo is 1cm it was meant to look like a twinkling star. So I painted her face and designed her dress all hand sewn, no patten. her wig is a size 4.5 long platinum blonde wavy wig. Birth Date is September 8th 2011.
Shes is not For Sale because she is currently going under an up grade.  

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