Friday, December 13, 2013

Doll of The Day- Dawn

Dawn of The Dead
Dawn Doll
 A Reborn Doll project I did. She was a old Dawn doll my mom had when she was a kid. My mom had a collection of Dawn dolls some played with others not. This was one that was really played with and in the worst condition. A cat chewed the feet and because they were rubber legs he knees were ripped. So one day me and my mom were going through her old stuff and I found this doll it had a blueish face and my mom explained when she was a child she put shoe polish on the hair and it spread to her face she wanted her doll to have black hair. It had been washed away over the years but her face was a icky blue. So now being a doll doctor I told my mom I can restore her. She agreed so I was starting working on cleaning the face and it was working almost done and mom changed her mind and told me I could do what I wanted. I wish she would have told me a few hours ago. but that was fine I looked at her blueish face and thought she looked dead so I thought hmm what am I doing I'm making her a reborn doll and she is dead, Zombie Time! from there I removed her only hair added some curls to it and did it half and half  hir with the front blond and the back black with a few streaks or red. Then I did put some more makeup on her face to make her look more dead then I colored her lips silver and painted on a scar. Repainted her eyes and made her look all dead. I did paint scars on her body for effect. with her bad legs I took some trend made it thick and sewed it in and out to make it look like they were sticked on. from there all that was left was a dress. I took some hard to sew stretch material and covers her body. I wrapped it around and braided a belt to hold it in place and the sewed on little sleeves. once she had a nice little dress I cut it in random placed to make it look like she had ripped or it was ruined over the years she had been dead. Her name came from the fact she was named Dawn and she is dead so Dawn of The Dead one of the better zombie movies out there.

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