Thursday, December 5, 2013

Doll of The Day - Snow Queen Wendy

Original photo of doll when new
Image Provided by sakkyssailormoontoys 
        One of my first fully reborn dolls. When I was a child I collected the Sailor Moon dolls. I had them for years but like all things from my childhood ended up in a box. One day in cleaning up I found my old Sailor Neptune doll. At the time her hair was ruined and her body was dirty and just ruined. I felt bad but I saw the opportunity to give her a new life. I took her into the house and washed her body cut and remove all her hair.
        From there I removed all the paint on her face. Once she was striped down to a blank doll, that's when the  new life began. Rooting the hair took about 20 hours over the course of 3 days I used white because I thought it would be interesting, also I wanted to do a winter theme. I based her eyes on the Anime style. That was partly to get practice (I have never been good with drawing Anime eyes) and to go with the style that was already used before.
       Once the face and hair was done there was the question of what to do with the holes in her head where her tiara was meant to be. That's when I gave her the curls. Then I gave her the real earnings that' I glued in so they would stay. Her hairstyle was my own idea with the large braid on the top. 

She stayed like this for awhile. Just a painted finished head on a nude body with no name. It took me a few weeks to finally come up with the outfit I wanted for her.
         Now being of this style of doll body she doesn't move much her arms and legs only go up and down so it was hard to dress her in just any doll clothes. So I looked through all my extra materials trying to find something. Then I based her outfit on a Ancient Chinese HanFu. A day later her outfit was done all hand stitched and ready to go. I folded the dress around her and tied the belt. But it didn't seem to fit right something was missing. So I took some wool and braided it using it as a decco for her belt like a Obijime. 
        Once she was done I still had no name for her. It took time but being winter I thought of Snow Queen. It was months later that my Mother started calling her Wendy.  She is now 1-4 dolls in my seasons collection. The date of her full completion was December 18th 2011. 

The outfit that inspired me.
Provided by  Chinese Clothing Online 

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  1. You did a lovely job on her (along with all of your other dolls). I didn't realize all the work that went into each of them, and I'm finding your blog to be a very interesting read. Keep up the wonderful work!