Monday, December 2, 2013

Doll Of The Day - Kenpachi Zaraki

Kenpachi Zaraki 
    Based on Captain Kenpachi from the anime Bleach. When I was ordering my doll parts I thought to myself what would be a cool doll to have. He is a 1/6 scale Obitsu realistic body. Then I thought of him. 3 days of rooting hair at this time I didn't have much experience on rooting hair that I learnt how to do on a YouTube tutorial (Just search 'how to root doll hair').
It is harder to do when you don't have a pattern on his head. Once the rooting was done it was then the styling. Gel worked the best on his synthetic hair. Finding bells for his hair was next to impossible so I went with glass beads, they are super glued on. His head didn't have eye holes so I cut and made incisions so I could place 6mm Brown Oval eyes. From there I finished the face up. Once the face was all painted it was on to hand sewing the outfit. 4 Piece outfit 1. Under Kimono White. 2. Black Top Kimono. 3. Black Hakama (bottoms) 4. White Captains robe. All hand sewn by me. His sword was the next hard part. It is made of two chopsticks, the sheath is made out of the pointed end of the chopstick wrapped a strip of paper glued. Then the top part is another pointed end cut down the middle painted with nail polish. it is glued to the handle and the gold wrapped twist tie. The handle is one fourth of the chopstick. and it took about an hour to twist and hand drill the handle through his fist. In the end it was worth it.
He is a great addition to my collection.Birthdate of doll December 1st 2011  He is For Sale Taking offers only. Below are stock photos from Obitsu of what he looked like when I received him.

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