Monday, December 30, 2013

Quick Update

            How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was good, but my dolls didn't come till after Christmas which was sad. Kirk and Spock did show up and are almost ready to be posted just waiting for Kirks wig should be here in a few days. My dolls from Impldoll finally showed up been working on there face-ups today. When they are done there will be a big post on them and the progression pictures of there face ups.
           Sorry I have been slow with updates everyone here at home has gotten the flu and I have not been well to do much. You can trust me once I am better there will be a flood of posts. Thats all for now, just thought I would keep you all updated. Also I the doll of the day is going to turn into doll of the week.
           Stay tuned for more and thank you all for reading my blog.
Just to prove I'm not fooling here is a teaser shot to show you what is to come.

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