Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Doll of The Day - Cyan The Centaur

Cyan The Centaur, That is the name I gave her. She is a Impldoll Trisha young doll 46cm deer body. I really wanted a Centaur and I felt bad I had missed a few other limited editions that were sold by other companies I was sad and tried to find one second hand then I found Trisha. I had to have her. 3 months later I she was home. Then the work had to be done to her. I did order her with the face up outfit and wig. I used the wig for her on my doll Moon. I also did change her face up a bit to get the look I wanted which will all be shown in this step by step guide to her creation.   
First I started with her hooves painting on a base coat of brown. Now I paint all my dolls with Citadel Paints I couldn't find there website before. They are acrylic and stay on dolls quite well when dry.  
I then applied a base coat of yellow to the fur on the leg. Before I started painting I checked out of my collection of wigs to which one would look the best so I knew what color I wanted her body hair to be.

This is a image of the tail unpainted before any work has been done to it. The same thing I did to the hooves is what I will do to the Tail.
Here is the image of all the hair on the body colored in in the base coat once this was done I could start on  the second coat. you will notice in the picture there is one legs all done I tried this color out one leg to make sure it is want I wanted.

Second coat I painted a dark red on the parts that seemed to be the Thicker parts of her fur. Also you will notice the tail and fur patch are being painted the same way.

For the 3rd coat I used my watercolors. I took the orange paint and painted in the shadows. Yellow is in the groove, red on the point and so in between the two on the sides is where the orange went.

4th layer is not the end. To accent the colors and make it more of the correct color and add more definition. Almost done here.  

The 5th layer was the last of the colors. Once dry I took my gold and added a thin layer to it added gold but not taking away from the color. The hooves are done all that was left to do was seal them that is a clear coat of Citadel Gloss Varnish.

I also started painting the horns while I was waiting for the paint to dry on the hooves.

Sorry I do not have any other pictures of the horns being painted I wasn't sure how they would turn out and they were so quick to dry It didn't take me long to paint them. I did paint them with the same layers and pattern as the body. I am not to happy with how they turned out, but they do match. I do not have them in any other pictures because they came without magnets and have to find mine so I can place them on my dolls head.
 Final step was the face. Sorry again there is not more pictures but I will tell you what I did. I took paint and thinned it out with water and colored in her ears. (Side note- you can add water to Citadel paints and it will thin them out also placing on and washing it away will add a layer effect). From there I painted the Eyebrows and one layer brown, second dark red and 3rd copper. I also put on a black eyeliner. the last thing was the lips. I painted the lips with a flesh color than pink watercolor layer let it dry then added the gloss. That is how I finished painting the face.

9 hours later Cyan is done. This is the hardest doll I have ever done. I loved working on her I can't wait for my male to show up so I can work on him. She might have been hard, nothing I couldn't do just 4 legs 4 times the amount of work I was not expecting. She is seen in the lower left picture showing off her front hair piece that's is magnetic and one of the accessories I had shown I was working on.
The right picture shows her front covered and the necklace she is wearing. that is a a chainmail one I made it is a red and silver Celtic spike with a Chain Sweat Pea weave.

She was named Cyan after the leader of the Amazons. I had the choice to get the male centaur but I wasn't sure how long this would be available (she still is). So I went with the rarer one. Well she is not the rare as a doll but in Greek Mythology female Centaurs are almost never mentioned. That is how I mean she is rare. I love her and I a happy she is apart of my doll family. Thank you all for reading my blog and  I hope you have A Happy New Year!

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