Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Doll of The Day- Moon

Recently arrived my new doll Moon. She is Impldoll  Young doll 46cm. She arrived yesterday and I went to work on her. When I got her she was a boring plain doll no eyes no makeup. I did her face up and pierced her ears. About 4 hours total out into her. She is all ready for new years and all lovely Moon will bring us into the New Year! Happy 2014 to everyone.

These following pictures on the side show the steps of painting her. I tried to take more pictures but while working on on a project i don't think STOP take a picture.

One by one I put the layers on of the make up. Starting with the the brown layer then it goes to black. Placing a fine line in the mouth and then painting the lips.

From there I do the finer details. They eyelashes, ear details, eyebrows, and nose.

 The picture to the left is shows you the difference Eyelashes make on the doll. Also you can see I have placed the blush on her face.

For the eyebrows I painted a brown layer of brown down followed by a layer of yellow. For the finishing touches I place a thin layer of of bronze to go with the brown hair and shine.

Next came the horns they were white when I got them the same as her skin colour. With them I painted a light pink first. I took a watercolour with a darker pink and painted in details.

Once they were dry I took a layer of gold paint and lightly painted over. waited for them to dry completely so I could put on the final touch of varnish. The varnish protects, seals, and adds a glossy touch.


After all that work here we are with the final product. you will notice in this picture her ears are pierced. I took a 1/18th drill bit and placed holes in them. Sorry I do not have a picture of that.

Also notice the grooves in her head that were in the first pictures are not seen. That is because that is wear the horns go, they don't fit in perfect but it's guidlines.  

I didn't make the dress I had it made for me. sorry so no details about that.

 Here she is without her horns. If you didn't want the horns on her the wig easily covers up the grooves.

She is for sale all seen in the picture is included. I have her listing posted on a few sites like DoA and Facebook.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Quick Update

            How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was good, but my dolls didn't come till after Christmas which was sad. Kirk and Spock did show up and are almost ready to be posted just waiting for Kirks wig should be here in a few days. My dolls from Impldoll finally showed up been working on there face-ups today. When they are done there will be a big post on them and the progression pictures of there face ups.
           Sorry I have been slow with updates everyone here at home has gotten the flu and I have not been well to do much. You can trust me once I am better there will be a flood of posts. Thats all for now, just thought I would keep you all updated. Also I the doll of the day is going to turn into doll of the week.
           Stay tuned for more and thank you all for reading my blog.
Just to prove I'm not fooling here is a teaser shot to show you what is to come.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas From My Dolls!

 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my Fans who read this Blog. here are the pictures of my dolls celebrating Christmas please enjoy. In the new year These will all have there own doll of the day page. I was hoping to have more BJD's at this point but there all stuck in the post office for Christmas.
 The Whole Family
Left to Right
May, Thomas, Nemo, Chris, Baby, Rukia, & Renji 
 Sitting on the Christmas Tree

 May Enjoying the Christmas Lights
 Nemo Loves the lights and is enjoying his first Christmas
 Chris sitting on the tree next to his ornament
 Renji Is enjoying all the lights

 Mommy and Daddy with there Baby

 Rukia and her Baby ready for Christmas
 Thomas sitting with tinsel in his hair
 All sitting Around the tree opening their christmas gifts

 Rukia Showing off her Christmas Dress
 May showing off her Christmas Dress
Last but not least Chris Sitting next to some decorations 

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Sorry for no updates lately. I have been busy with Christmas and stuff. but thats ok since I have a few new BJD's coming this week and I will be updating for them. I will not disappoint I have a bunch of things coming that you will want to see,
List of things to come:
Kirk and Spock Dolls Completion
My First Centaur Doll
Freya Family
More dolls of the day
And face up work.

All of these and more are to come in the next month or two so keep coming back to see what is going on with the blog. I have not and will not forget to update this blog. Happy Holidays.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Doll of The Day- Spring

The second doll in my seasons collection, Spring. I know when people think of spring they think of bright pastel colors like the ones you see at Easter, that is not what I see. Have you ever worn bright colors in spring with all the mud and dirt they don't stay clean. So when I think of spring I think of the brown earth and the bright green of budding new life. For him it was a matter of repainting his face, sewing his outfit and rooting his hair. The hair was the hard part once I rooted it taking a day (getting better at it). From there I took hours to braid all his hair. I wanted to braid his hair to look like vines and to show out of the brown earth came a plant of vines. His outfit wa based on a chinese robe so it is not a dress. He is for sale please contact me if you are interested. Took me about 20 hours to do everything.

Men's HanFu
The final product

The original doll

Friday, December 13, 2013

Doll of The Day- Dawn

Dawn of The Dead
Dawn Doll
 A Reborn Doll project I did. She was a old Dawn doll my mom had when she was a kid. My mom had a collection of Dawn dolls some played with others not. This was one that was really played with and in the worst condition. A cat chewed the feet and because they were rubber legs he knees were ripped. So one day me and my mom were going through her old stuff and I found this doll it had a blueish face and my mom explained when she was a child she put shoe polish on the hair and it spread to her face she wanted her doll to have black hair. It had been washed away over the years but her face was a icky blue. So now being a doll doctor I told my mom I can restore her. She agreed so I was starting working on cleaning the face and it was working almost done and mom changed her mind and told me I could do what I wanted. I wish she would have told me a few hours ago. but that was fine I looked at her blueish face and thought she looked dead so I thought hmm what am I doing I'm making her a reborn doll and she is dead, Zombie Time! from there I removed her only hair added some curls to it and did it half and half  hir with the front blond and the back black with a few streaks or red. Then I did put some more makeup on her face to make her look more dead then I colored her lips silver and painted on a scar. Repainted her eyes and made her look all dead. I did paint scars on her body for effect. with her bad legs I took some trend made it thick and sewed it in and out to make it look like they were sticked on. from there all that was left was a dress. I took some hard to sew stretch material and covers her body. I wrapped it around and braided a belt to hold it in place and the sewed on little sleeves. once she had a nice little dress I cut it in random placed to make it look like she had ripped or it was ruined over the years she had been dead. Her name came from the fact she was named Dawn and she is dead so Dawn of The Dead one of the better zombie movies out there.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Doll of The Day- Yukari Yakumo

Yukari Yakumo 
She was based off Yukari Yakumo from the series Touhou. She was made for a friend who never claimed her so she is still mine. The picture above is her first eyes they have been changed since then (the nex eyes are seen in the other picture). I did buy a doll head with the hair already rooted just to try. I didn't care for it so much because the hair was all less moveable and thick. I didn't have the control I wanted but it worked well with the character. She is a white skin 21cm Obitsu doll. Her dress was made out of real Kimono silk and was all hand sewn. I am not the best at drawing anime eyes so I did my best and when I improved I fixed her eyes again. I did style her hair and I did paint her hands to be white to look like gloves. She is For Sale contact me for info.
Obitsu head

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Late Update

Sorry there was no post yesterday. Life got in the way, I don't think anyone reads this anyway. Well not yet. so I'll give a little update my Mirodoll  bodies showed up today they are to be used for my Kirk and Spock Dolls. The bodies are 68cm tall and so now I am waiting for the heads. I am so excited the bodies are 68cm tall and one is tan and the other is real skin. I am really excited I need to go and make their shirts now. The black thing on the top of the doll body is spocks wig it came today too so just waiting for the Kirk wig and heads. They are huge dolls the biggest in my collection I am really excited.  I will keep you posted when I find out more and when the rest is received.  Thank you Mirodoll.
Kirk and Spock bodies

Monday, December 9, 2013

Doll of The Day - Poseidon

 This one was an experiment that worked. Poseidon god of the sea, is what I call him. I had a 12 inch figure of the Silver Surfer that I thought I would see if I could paint and it would last. So I took my paint I use for Face-ups and and covered the sliver and it stuck. So from there I painted his face. How I did his hair was the same way I do a wig. I took so much hair glued the ends and then glued them onto the head. So the hair is on there permanently that took hours to just get the hair done I would say about 3. 2 for painting to the body. The outfit I am not proud of it is a loincloth I was trying to make something like the picture on the left. He doesn't fit much clothes so I do have to make another outfit for him one day. He is for sale for 40+ Shipping.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Doll of The Day - Gin Ichimaru

Gin Ichimaru
     A simple doll I made to go with my Bleach set. I had an extra wig mean for another project and when I had some extra doll parts and so he was made. He is based off Gin Ichimaru from the series Bleach. I didn't have him very long since I was able to sell him at Ai-Kon 2012. I only have few pictures of him since I only had him for less than 3 months. He was simple to make. I hand sewed his outfit and painted his face.
He was a nice doll but I do know the home where he is he is loved. He's not one of my favourites but it was fun making him into a doll. He is a Obitsu 1/6 scale male slime body like my others.


Dear Readers,
                     I thank you all for reading and following my blog. I promise you there will be more dolls and I will keep up with the doll of the day for a bit more. I have many dolls to add I didn't realise there was so many. I will also soon be adding videos and tutorials of my own work. Also more stories about dolls. I am working on a few new projects which I will be posting. So many dolls, I love my dolls and I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Any questions or comments feel free to ask.  
                     I am writing this post to let you know the 1/4 & 1/3 Scale BJDs are coming I'm trying to go in order of my dolls. Also I am waiting for a fe new BJDs I have coming on the way to show up. So a lot more is to come keep on reading and thank you all again.
Yours Truly, Kenji

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Doll of The Day - Kio

         Kio was the first Neko I made he came before The Pink Kitty not by much. He was also the first home made with I made. He is only 21cm tall a little small to be a 1/6 Scale. His face my not have much detail on it but it's the rest of him that I put all the work into.
Stock Images Provided by Obitsu

        I had seen on the Obitsu site the Neko ears and they were always out of stock finally when they came into stock I bought a bunch of them. There stock photo shows they are unpainted and yellow, not true when you get them unpainted they are white. Which at first I was a bit disappointed at first but it was no big deal just meant I had to paint them. Now Obitsu does have a Neko head you are supposed to buy to go with the ears. I didn't I bought a regular head.  I took my small scissors and cut into his small head to make holes. Then I looked at the head and thought what am I to do about hair? I had gotten some curly doll hair and looked on YouTube under making doll wigs. That's how I learnt to make a wig cap.
       Here is a link to the tutorial I used. I find wood glue works the best. From there I took hair I had in a bag that was really curly and the I took a curl or two and cut them off and glued the loose ends. let them dry (important: use the same glue as on the wig cap) once a bunch of them were dry I clipped the ends with the glue to make them Straight and pretty. From there I glued them on onto the wig cap. Finally after almost a day of hard work the wig is done. Now that is want I do with most wigs his I also cut holes into the hard wig cap and glued the hair on around It. 
The final part was making his clothes. They are all hand sewn homemade patterns. So that is the story of Kio and how how came to be. His doll Birthday is October 4th 2012. He is for sale for $90 He is a really cute doll and fits in your pocket.