Monday, December 16, 2013

Doll of The Day- Spring

The second doll in my seasons collection, Spring. I know when people think of spring they think of bright pastel colors like the ones you see at Easter, that is not what I see. Have you ever worn bright colors in spring with all the mud and dirt they don't stay clean. So when I think of spring I think of the brown earth and the bright green of budding new life. For him it was a matter of repainting his face, sewing his outfit and rooting his hair. The hair was the hard part once I rooted it taking a day (getting better at it). From there I took hours to braid all his hair. I wanted to braid his hair to look like vines and to show out of the brown earth came a plant of vines. His outfit wa based on a chinese robe so it is not a dress. He is for sale please contact me if you are interested. Took me about 20 hours to do everything.

Men's HanFu
The final product

The original doll

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