Friday, May 16, 2014

Dolly Update May 16th

Hello Readers!
I am Just giving you a bit of a update on what is going on. Sunday I fly out to Toronto for 2 weeks Anime North is next weekend I am so excited! I have been busy getting ready packing and all that stuff that comes with traveling. I love the city of Toronto and I can't wait to get out there and take picture of my dolls traveling around the city.

Also in the news June 4th the 3rd Issue of Punch will be out and My dolls will be in it. I don't know what they decided to publish I just know I am in it. For the ones who read this and don't know what punch is it's the magazine that the local comic book store Amazing Stories puts out it has work from many local artists. It's a complete fan magazine for anyone into comics and pop culture. I sent them tons of photos so I have no Idea what they published. I will find out out the launch party can't wait to see my friends again.

Back to Toronto I will be happy to announce my Dolls Rukia and Thomas will be getting married. No date has been set but when they do it will be all over the blog. They have been waiting months for their wedding. They have been waiting since February to get married but we all had an extended Winter this year and even though winter has been gone the ground is frozen and all the grass looks brown and icky so I figured in Toronto they can have their honeymoon and be married somewhere exotic. Ok I know Toronto is not exotic but for my dolls who only Rukia has been once before it is. So keep a close watch on my blog for there wedding photos.

I can't leave you readers with no doll pictures so here is Some pictures I had sent into Punch and from my dolls Winter Photo shoot. Gene and his Many Girlfriends.
Gene and Moon Sharing a milkshake 

Gene is a Mystic Kids 1/4th scale and his full name is Chris Gene Klaus but depending on my Mood Hi name Changes and I mostly just call him Gene.

Moon she was featured on my blog back in January. She is a Impldoll Moon 1/4th scale MSD with normal skin.

Moon and Gene were friends but closer to her departure they got closer but he accepted her departure but not before they had one date just as friends.

Gene and May with a Penguin 
Gene and May were boyfriend and girlfriend to begin with. That's how Gene came to live with us. May came into the family to live with her brother Thomas and wanted to see her boyfriend and so he came over on a work visa. I say work visa because I really couldn't afford him at the time so I used him as my model for doll clothes/wigs and other things so he had to earn his keep. Now I don't think I could Live without him. Since this picture they have broken up and are seeing other dolls but they are still good friends.
May is a Mei Bobobie with modified ears to be human. She is 1/4th scale MSD white skin.

Gene and Trill

Gene and Trillium, They are now together and love being together. They are Planning on Getting married one day. Trill isn't sure she wants to go through with it but Gene is fine with that. I have there wedding stuff ready to go it's just a matter of when Trill decides she is ready.

Trillium is she was featured also on my blog back in January she is a Bobobie Ariel 1/4th Scale MSD White Skin.

I know I might seem weird writing stories and personal lives for my dolls but I love to write and make up stories in my books so whats the difference with doing it for dolls? It's all part of the creative process.

I hope you all enjoy my Blog and keep coming back for more stories. Thanks for Reading.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

May Update

Sorry I have not updated in a long time. I was waiting till I went to Anime North but that is further away than it seems. I will continue to keep updating from now on. I completed Camp NaNo and I don't have another that has been occupying my time along with Star Trek, I have made some new Trekkie friends and they are great. I have lots of dolls to update and show you all I love them and they all can't wait to be on the site soon.

One thing I have done that is major I got my BJD rings for sale on my Etsy. I am adding new colors all the time and plan to take these to Anime North with me to sell there at my table. Be sure to stay to watch the site I will be updating it as much as I can over the next while and I promise and to post lots of Pictures from Doll North once I go.

Doll of The Day - Byakuya Kuchiki

Byakuya Kuchiki

Byakuya Kuchiki, One doll I spent a lot of time and care into. He is From the anime series Bleach if you didn't know already. One of my favorite Animes of all time and I really do love this doll. I only made him because I always wanted one and My friend she has one of him but he is a 70cm BJD and with all the endless possibilities out there for making dolls I didn't feel right having the same one she had so I made a Small 1/6th scale Obitsu version of him.
Left to Right, Suhei, Byakuya, painted head and unpainted 
I started with painting the head. This is a picture of example doll heads I have painted. I enjoyed painting his face. Face-up's are my favorite part of a doll next to getting a new one.

I did make his wig because I wanted it to be perfect when I added his hair acessories and I did not feel I could get the hair right with a wig.

Hand sewn his entire outfit which include:
White Kimono
Black Kimono
Captain's Robe
The wig took the longest with making the wig cap and glueing the hair on. and making sure it was all right.

He is forsale but till then he sits in my room with my other dolls.