Friday, January 3, 2014

Yao The Ice Demon

Yao The Ice Demon
Recently purchased one I received her she was not as I expected. She is still cool and very nice just I was expecting something more bad ass. So I am showing Here the work that was put into her. She is a Resin Soul 1/4 Scale MSD. She has Fleshtone skin, I ordered her from Junky Spot

This is the head as I received it. With the original Face up. I didn't quite care for it. Not saying it's bad, It was very well done Just when it comes to dolls I like to do my own style.     

I forgot to take a picture of the hooves unpainted and how they came but (sorry about that). This is the first coat of paint on the hooves. I painted them with Citadel Paints.

One horn is painted and the other is not. This is the first layer. Now what should note is before I painted I looked looked at my wigs and decided what hair color she was going to have. Once I knew the hair color the rest came to me and my Ice Demon was ready to be born.  

Well I finished the head, sorry not many pictures but there wasn't much that I did differently. I gave her new white eyebrows but kept the old brows under them so it added depth. I gave her blue eye shadow from my watercolors. Thicken her eyeliner and giving her white and black under lashes. Painted her eyelids silver. Added details to the nose and ears. Lastly painted her lips silver.

Second coat to the hooves make them have no imperfections before I add the 3rd layer.

3rd Layer. Added a Silver layer to the hoof to make it look more like frost. To the fur I added Blue water colors to make them look colder lol.
4-5th layer and final. I added the silver to the fur to make it blend in and at the same time took a thin layer of White and went over. The pictures do no justice to how it really looks. You can see more details in person.
 Her nails were an added feature I painted them white then placed the layer of silver on top. and foowed by the sealer. I may not note it but I never forgot the sealer.

She and she is done. I am sorry I forgot to take a picture of the horns but I will tell you what I did. Not much was done to them father the first coat of white. I added a thin layer of white to patch but not make it too thick. For the 3rd layer I added a thin layer of blue water colors so they still look with but with a hint of blue. then I added the sealer.

From there she was done. 4hours later she is finished she is now Yao the Ice Demon. I have her forsale on a few sites I hope she finds a forever home soon.

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