Friday, January 17, 2014

Kirk and Spock, Going Where No Dolls Bone Before!

Kirk and Spock
Back in November I wanted to have a Kirk and Spock doll. I have always been a lover on big dolls and I figured if i was going to get them i would get the biggest I could. I want looking around for someone who could make doll heads and i found a wonderful artist Dolly's Dolls she does wonderful work and I plan to order more from her in the future. Now you are all probally wondering if I am so creative Why didn't I make the heads myself. Well I can make little 1/6scale heads no problem but the big ones never work for me. I am very happy to have found Dolly. Enough about me lets go on to the creation of Kirk and Spock.
Being a Fan of Star Trek I could not decide what Kirk and Spock I wanted my dolls to be so I found the combined picture of Chris Pine/William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy/Zach Quinto, with a few mods. I went with the pictures but with Leonards nose. Shatners cheeks and Chris Pines smile.
I sent her all the photos and payment and in no time at all she sent me this photo and asked if that were good. I was so happy they looked so good. She used Sculpey Firm. These were huge heads they were big enough enough to hold a 10inch wig I really wanted them to be big.   
I loved the heads but something was a Bit off so I had her make Kirk's Cheeks more like Shatners I really Like his nice cheek bones. This is just another picture of her working on the dolls. 
Now this is them ready to be painted. I do still wonder what eyes I should have picked for Kirk. Spock had brown no question most Vulcans have brown and so do Nimoy and Quinto. Kirk was hard Shatner has hazel btu Pine has blue. I still question if I made the right Choice but in the end I choose blue for Pine.

Once the heads were done it was the hard choice of picking a body. Well the only ones who I could find affordable for the bodies both were good and in the end I went with the one I thought was more accurate for Kirk and Spock. They both got 68cm Mirodoll bodies. One normal skin and other Tan. I know spock is normally pale but in the light Tan has a greenish tint. 

Once the bodies were picked I sent her a message and Dolly Finished painting the heads she did a great job at matching the color with matching the paint and never physically seeing the bodies.

I did not get her to do the face up nothing negative, Just for me Face-up is my job. Even when companies sell me dolls with face-ups I never want to keep them thats my job lol. so after a all of that I just had to wait for the heads in the mail. The Bodies did come sooner but they were ordered first. I just waited. Also the wigs took some time both wigs were ordered from Luts. Now you heard their origin story you can see them all nicely finished going on adventures. They stand 74cm tall and are just the first of many.

Spock and Kirk Chilling on the fence
Captain Kirk and Commander Spock saying fellow to all there Fans. 

Spock thinks he has an idea on how to get back into the house because it is cold outside. 


You are and always shall be my friend. 
Just chilling in the bushes.

Kirk watches and Spock tries to fix the machine.

Thank you all who helped make this possible.
Dolly's Dolls and her Etsy for her work on the heads and pants.
MiroDoll and Luts for the bodies and wigs.
William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and most of all Gene Roddenberry for creating and being apart of Star Trek!

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