Friday, January 17, 2014

Freya Family

Freya family!
I did a big order with Junky Spot recently while they were doing there big promotion and I ended up getting all these cute little Freya's. I did the face-ups myself and sorry I didn't think to take pictures of me doing the faceups.
 Mommy Freya, she is 23cm white has
green cat eye marbles for her eyes.  

Daddy Freyr, He is 23cm Grey and has Blue
Cats eye Marbles for his eyes. 

11cm Pink Nano Freya With a Light pink Face-up
one eye is blue other is green. 
11cm Pink Nano Freya with Dark Pink Face-up and
One eye is green and other is blue.

Last but not least is there Glow in the dark brother. He has blue eyes. He has gold trim on his ears and on parts that are blue. On the right you can see him glowing in the dark.

Thank you Junk Spot and Hujoo for making these wonderful cats! I am happy to receive them!

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