Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Developing Of My Creative Mind

          My love of dolls started as child. My Grandmother (God rest her soul), loved dolls and she got my Mother and me into collecting dolls from young ages. My Grandmother was  my biggest inspiration for expanding my creative mind and second to that is my Mother who told me you are never to old to create things. With my Grandmother being born in the middle of the great depression she learned when you had money you used it on education. She later became a teacher for young children and saw how important being creative was  for the developing mind. She encouraged all her children to be all they could be. As for my Mother she wanted her to do so much she had a great imagination and  the energy and ideas but it was not the knowledge to succeed in her dreams . My Grandmother did encourage her but it was peer pressure that held her back, so all her creativity passed onto me.

          Being from the depression my Grandmother didn't have toys, you used the little money you had to survive, once my Grandmother had her kids she bought her kids toys she knew that were important for a developing mind. She didn't know how valuable a lot of the toys became and would have kept more of them. she loved dolls and passed that love on to my Mother and my Aunt in different ways. Which passed on to me.

        So what does this have to do with me being a Doll Doctor now? Lots, because my Mother taught me to love dolls it started my collection which lead to more and more. Having a collection of dolls some to play with and others not to touch taught me to appreciate things. As a kid the dolls I played with got ruined and the dolls that's didn't stayed nice. When I got older I was happy my Mother kept some from me. But I always wanted to to keep my old dolls but they were broken and ruined. I also wished the dolls I had looked more like the characters I wanted to play with. That started my love of action figures.

         I had action figures of all my favorite characters from the shows I watched. Then they didn't always make the figures of the characters I wanted. So I took other characters and made them look like the ones I wanted. Then I wanted to learn how to fix my old dolls when I had all my action figures. I will try to hurry this post along didn't realize how long it was getting.

         I heard about these things my friend told me were Anime dolls. I started looking around I found Dolfie and Obitsu. I didn't have the money for a Dolfie Dream but I found I could afford the 1/6 Scale Obitsu's. I watched a few videos on YouTube on how to assemble them and put them together. So on October 4th 2010 I ordered the parts for my first doll. He might be small but I loved hi and I still do. He was the start of it all.

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